Joe Santa Maria

Joe Santa Maria Saxophone/Woodwinds

A teacher of woodwinds,  composition,  and music theory for over 10 years,  Joe is an individual with very clear motives about music education.    A product of some of the more rigorous schools in the country as well as extensive professional experience,  he aims to imbue a strong work ethic as well as practical knowledge and techniques.    Creating a foundation of classical technique and therefore building necessary instrumental skills is the first concern.    Then once a strong foundation is achieved,  the lessons become more specific.    Determining which musical path each student would like to pursue,  lessons move into the theory,  harmony,  melody,  and instrumental techniques that are necessary to perform in that style.   Elements such as rhythm,  tone,  reading, intonation,  creativity,  ear training, passion, and imagination will all be visited and discussed,  with the end goal being to help mold a future performer,  music lover,  composer,  and artist into an impressive instrumentalist:  Giving you the tools to participate and create music fluidly and with much enjoyment.

From Houston Texas,  Joe has earned many academic accolades and performances credits.    As a graduate of the Berklee College of Music (BFA),  Calarts (MFA),  and the famed HSPVA in Houston,  Joe has received one of the most thorough musical educations available in the country.    Studying at an early age with fantastic local teachers in Houston gave Joe the edge he needed to earn a full scholarship to Berklee,  where he would expand his knowledge of Classical,  Jazz,  and Rock styles.    Achieving success at Berklee and solidifying his harmonic and instrumental ability,  Joe pursued a degree in performance from Los Angeles’ own Calarts.    During those years Joe performed constantly as well as occasionally touring while still in school.    After Calarts Joe spent a two-year stint in New York City.    While there he studied and performed with many fantastic musicians.    Joe returned to LA in 2012 to pursue recording and writing opportunities,  as well as write for his personal film projects.

In just a short time Joe has made a name for himself as one of the top young saxophonists on the scene here in Los Angeles.    His technique,  musicianship,  and attention to detail have led him to be part in many high level performances.    Joe currently performs and records with many indie and famous rock acts:

Airborne Toxic Event

Daniel Platzman (Imagine Dragons)

Vampire Weekend

He has also been active on the national Jazz scene for many years and has performed with big name artists as well as many NYC and LA local greats such as:

Danilo Perez,  James Moody,  Jason Moran,  Joe Labarbara,  Larry Koonse,  Roy McCurdy

Joe is actively performing his own shows here in LA and has released several albums.   Joe routinely performs at venues such as The Blue Whale,   Vibrato,   The Lighthouse,   and many of LA's finest Jazz venues.

Joe can be reached at 832-790-5050