Studio History

L. A. Classical Studio began in 2005 as a long term goal to help people learn the musical arts from performing professionals.    With the wealth of information that is out for consumption, nothing takes the place of being a performer, and knowing what it takes to maintain a career.    Solid technique and practice are at the forefront of that lifelong endeavor.

The study of how to teach was also a main focus.    I personally spent countless hours with other performers to learn about their teachers,  techniques,  practice,  and habits.    I discovered which methods seem to work, and which methods did not.     After more than 30 years of performing and working with world-class performers,  I have learned that it is not enough to know how to perform.   I had to learn how to teach that to an individual.     I have realized that each person is different, and that my approach must to be tailored to each student.

The studio location was also a focus.     I work with many different students and styles.    A studio with a sense of privacy is hard to find.     I searched for a space that was out of the way of general traffic,  but is still easily accessible.     I find that this studio location creates a sense of privacy and fosters the freedom to explore music without distraction,  and without disturbing others.

The other teachers in this studio follow my philosophy,   and they are excellent educators and performers.

If you have any questions please call or email the studio or myself at:

626-367-5915 (my cell)

L. A. Classical Studio, Inc. Phone: 626-529-4161

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